Home Protection at Its Best – Vinyl Shutters and Outdoor Solar Shades

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Custom made outdoor shades and shutters are an asset to any residential house. They are used both for decoration as well as protection purposes. They can endure severe unfavorable environmental conditions, providing the homes endurable protection. They come in a variety of designs, shapes, materials, and colors. Outdoor Blinds Southwest stylish shades and outdoor shutters are also an additional feature for bringing aesthetic beauty and outdoor protection to your home.

Protecting Shades and Shutters

Protection from the unfavorable external environment, sunlight, heat waves, UV waves, insects as well as weather changes is vital. So, for that unique protection, different types of shades are offered at outdoorblindssouthwest.com.au

  • For the protection against weather changes mostly, exterior vinyl shutters are used
  • For the protection against sunlight, heat, as well as high penetrating UV rays, mostly outdoor solar shades, are used.

Details of both these are described below:

Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are a unique kind of outdoor screens that offer weather-resistant features. They fight back the harsh and unfavorable environmental conditions along with sudden weather changes and maintain the internal environment of homes. They are usually long-lasting and do not require regular maintenance. Besides protection, they are an essential element of home decor as they offer your home an attractive look. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, color, design, and style options so you can choose any of the Exterior vinyl shutters according to your requirement.

Sizes of Vinyl Shutters

There are two basic types of vinyl shutters based on sizes

  1. Standard vinyl shutter

They are the most affordable shutters that have a standard size and are available in limited styles.

  1. Custom Exterior vinyl shutters

Custom sized vinyl shutters are the shutters whose styles and sizes can be varied according to the clients’ requirements. They come in a variety of colors, shades, designs, and sizes.

Types of Exterior Vinyl Shutters

There are many types of Exterior Vinyl Shutters available at Outdoor Blinds Southwest from where you can easily buy any shutter online at the most reasonable rates.

  • Combination Louver/Raised Panel
  • Open Board & Batten Vinyl Shutters
  • Raised Panel Vinyl Shutters
  • Louvered Vinyl Shutters
  • Joined Board & Batten Vinyl Shutters
  • Country Style Panels Vinyl Shutters

Outdoor Solar Shades

These shades block the sun rays penetrating through the windows and keep them outside houses for maintaining a cool internal environment. They are said to be the most effective way to reduce heat gain. They are the perfect solution for extreme sun exposure. Apart from blocking sunlight, they are also beneficial for preventing and absorbing 97% UV and heat rays before they enter the house. Both of them are either absorbed by the shade screen or reflected outside. In this way, they also help in lowering the energy costs required for the air conditioning of the houses. They provide the opportunity to be either rolled up or down according to the requirements and external conditions

Types of Outdoor Solar Shades

There are three basic types of Outdoor Solar Shades available at Outdoor Blinds Southwest

  1. Transparent Outdoor Solar Shades

They block the sun’s heat and UV rays while providing daytime privacy with complete outside vision and also manage the ventilation of houses.

  1. Clear Vinyl Shades

These exterior vinyl shades allow the penetration of the sun’s warmth through the windows to keep houses warm in winter. They also create a transparent barrier against insects and other harmful elements.

  1. Blackout Total Privacy Shades

These are the privacy shades that not only block the sun rays and dusty winds but also protect the inside of the house from any wandering neighbor’s eyes. They can withstand temperature ranging from -86oF up to 158oF

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