What Are The Types Of Outdoor Shutters You Can Buy In The Southwest?

types of Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters are a much have, especially in the Southwest. Not only do they offer protection to your home, but they can also reduce the amount of noise and heat that comes into your home. The best part about outdoor shutters is that they offer all these benefits while making your home windows look good all at the same time. When it comes to buying outdoor shutters here in Southwest, we at Outdoor Blinds Southwest have you covered. However, many customers are not sure what types of outdoor shutters they can buy in the Southwest. To help anyone who is confused about what options they have when it comes to outdoor shutters, we will tell you about the types of outdoor shutters you can buy.

Outdoor Roller Shutters Aka Storm Shades

One option you have when shopping for outdoor shutters is the outdoor roller shutters. This type of outdoor shutters are also called roll-up shutters or storm shades, and they are primarily used to add privacy and security to your home. They are called storm shades because they are durable enough to withstand any storm damage such as flying debris while protecting your glass windows. Their working mechanism is similar to Alfresco blinds that are common in the Southwest; you can roll them up when you want to let the sun and fresh air in and roll them down when you want to protect your home windows.

Since winds can get pretty strong in the Southwest, we recommend outdoor roller shutters to our customers simply because of their durability. So if security is your primary concern, then outdoor roller shutters are the best option for you. In general, houses with outdoor roller shutters are considered more valuable, so roller shutters are also an excellent investment for your home.

Outdoor Louvre Shutters With Fixed Slats

Other than outdoor roller shutters, you have the option to buy Louvre outdoor shutters to install on your home windows. These types of shutters have slats made out of durable material, and the slats are installed into the shutters at an angle so they can stop the wind, direct sunlight, and heavy rain. Although they don’t form a shield quite like the roller shutters, they still offer some security level to your home from flying debris and wild animals. Louvre outdoor shutters are also cheaper than roller shutters, and they are easier to install, making them a more budget-friendly option.

Louvre shutters can be opened or closed, just like casement windows, and they are easier to operate as well. Louvre shutters have fewer mechanical parts, which makes them easier to maintain and clean if needed.

Motorized Exterior Shutters

Motorized exterior shutters are basically roller shutters that can be rolled up and down remotely using a remote control or a similar device. They offer the same benefits as non-motorized roller shutters but with the added benefit of remote operation.

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