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Outdoor Blinds Southwest is one of the most popular shading brands that has been offering residential as well as commercial shade solutions to several clients across Australia. At our company, you can find a complete range of outdoor roller shutters and blinds, awnings, shade sails, roof systems at competitive rates. Our products come in a large variety of designs and colors. They are also customizable, so our customers can have them modified according to their needs. Apart from providing amazing offers to our customers, our friendly staff professionals install our products free of cost for them. All our product installations are wholly tested for their proper functioning and reliability.

Custom Outdoor Shades and Shutters

Similar to indoor shades and shutters, our exterior shading solutions are of benefit to residential houses. They are used for both decorative and protection purposes. They are hung in sun-drenched areas and porches to keep them cool. They also increase the aesthetic beauty of homes. Moreover, they maintain pleasant internal surroundings by enduring severe environmental conditions. Since they are hung along rooflines and awnings, they are typically operated with the help of pulleys and motors. This is a very beneficial characteristic of them as they don’t need much manual effort for operation.

Types of Outdoor shade blinds and shutters

At Outdoor Blinds Southwest, we offer two basic types of exterior shades and shutters

  1. Outdoor roller shutters
  2. Louvered shutters

Based on the opening and closing patterns, three different kinds of shutters are available at our company

  • Fixed shutters
  • Sliding shutters
  • Hinged shutters

Usage areas

For improving the look outdoors, you can take any of our shading product and hang in any of the following areas:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living areas
  • Windows that are high up
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Backyards

Features of shade products by Outdoor Blinds Southwest

  1. Our outdoor shade blinds have been tested for natural disasters and cyclones.
  2. They can be effectively used for both commercial and residential decoration purposes.
  3. All of our different kinds of blinds and shutters have lockable blades
  4. They come in unique designs and colors which make them look beautiful
  5. The custom outdoor shades available at our company also allow you to add entrancing appeal to your homes
  6. They are made of durable material so they can withstand harsh environmental conditions too.
  7. Filtered light at favorable rates is available from partially opening or lowering our blinds and shutters.
  8. Our blinds and shutters are flexible and customizable so that anyone can have them made according to their requirements.
  9. One of our most outstanding qualities is that our exterior rolling shutters prices are competitively priced
  10. Once installed, all of our products are reliable and easy to use

So, if you are looking for blind and shutters, you can either contact us or send an email at We will provide you with your required shade product along with our complete installation, cleaning, and maintenance services.

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