The Best Blinds and Shutters at Outdoor Blinds Southwest

Outdoor Blinds Southwest

Choosing the best type of blinds that match your outdoor needs and budget is not an easy task. For this, our company Outdoor Blinds Southwest provides you a complete range of outdoor blinds, waterproof outdoor shades and shutters, Awnings, shade sails, and roofing systems at the most reasonable rates. All of them enhance the beauty of your outdoor areas. They also protect you and your houses from extreme weather conditions like blazing sunny days, annoying insects, heavy rainfall and windy storms. You can select any blind or shutter you want by looking at our website’s product collection. Moreover, we have a skilled team of professionals who provide you installation, cleaning, and proper maintenance services after purchasing any product from us.

Type of Outdoor Roller blinds

At Outdoor blinds Southwest, we offer you two different kinds of outdoor blinds. The detailed features of them are given below:

Ziptrak® Blinds

Specially design in Australia according to Australian weather conditions, these outdoor roller blinds are commonly installed by our professionals in coastal locations there. These blinds are also known as the most reliable track-mounted screens in the market.

Features of our Ziptrak® blinds

  • They can withstand light to moderate winds
  • They are made up of a robust material
  • They can handle comparatively harsher weather as compared to other blinds
  • They are easy to operate
  • They protect against rain, dust, bugs, winds, etc.
  • They are also useful in controlling indoor temperature

Crank outdoor roller Blinds

Out crank blinds are quite handy and most commonly used in commercial areas for outdoor spaces of homes. In addition to that, some restaurants and game farms use them as a temporary roof or horizontally slanted shade from the harsh sun.

Features of crank blinds

  • They consist of either clear or colored PVC blinds
  • They are laudable for being cost-effective
  • They are also specially designed for sheer protection from Rainfall, UV rays, and frosting cold
  • They are not difficult to operate
  • They have the potential to protect outdoor spaces from harmful weather effects
  • They are easy to set up and have long-lasting quality


The following are the benefits of buying outdoor blinds and shutters from Outdoor Blinds Southwest:

  1. Our outdoor roller blinds are beneficial as they can be partially opened or closed according to your light requirements
  2. You can have screens in a variety of colors and designs corresponding to your home paint and décor from us so that they can increase the aesthetic beauty of your houses and outdoor areas.
  3. Outdoor PVC roll up blinds of our company provides you protection against moderate wind, rainfall, insects, and other such things.
  4. Our blinds are flexible and you can easily adjust their height according to your outdoor area needs.
  5. Waterproof outdoor shades and blinds comparatively are affordable.
  6. The blinds and shutters available at Outdoor blinds Southwest are of the best quality and meet the set standards for blinds.

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