About Louvre Shutters

The blinds have clear or colored PVC, are quite handy and can be used for homes and commercial areas. Hotels, restaurants and game farms make the most of these blinds for regulating temperature in extreme weather conditions. The blinds are laudable for their cost effectiveness and for homes; one can use them for patio, balcony and other areas for sheer protection from UV rays, rainfall and frosting cold.

The blinds are easy to operate and have the potential to protect spaces, furniture and plants from the harmful effects of weather. Crank blinds by Outdoor Blinds South West are value for money, easy to set up and have long lasting quality. We utilize finest materials and technology to offer you contemporary shade products.

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About Indoor Louvre Shutters (Plantation)

Louvre shutters have horizontal slats that let light and air to pass through them conveniently. The shutters are dazzling in appeal and are used in residential and commercial space for adding a classy touch and warding off heavy rainfall and blazing UV rays. The shutters are adjustable and easy to operate. You can have them installed in your living area and other spots where you receive direct sunlight.

The shutters are lauded for being a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary shade solution. You can have these customized in your favored color to make your space cozy and entrancing. The shutters are manufactured with quality metals to give them spectacular finesse and make them last for years to come.

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We also do indoor shutters! You can check the pictures below. Whilst We specialize in
outdoor products we have made an exception for indoor shutters

Outdoor Louvre Shutters

Indoor Louvre Shutters

Indoor Louvre Shutters Colour Range

Select the desired shadesail colour you want to be surrounded in.

Outdoor Louvre Shutters Colour Range

Select the desired shadesail colour you want to be surrounded in.

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About Louvre Shutter

Find out about the most frequently asked questions by customers planning to set Outdoor Blinds in their homes or offices

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How do I clean Louvre shutters?

Louvre Shutters need to be cleaned after every 12-18 months as they are exposed to various elements. For this you need a damp cloth as abrasive cleaning rags and harsh chemicals can damage the surface. Simply roll them up a small amount to expose the gaps between the slats and run the damp cloth across the surface.

How do I install Louvre shutters?

Louvre Shutters can be a quite dangerous task to do on your own and even we recommend you to contact us for the installation as we have trained professionals for this.

How do I repair Louvre shutter?

It is normally not possible to locate the source of the problem in Louvre shutter and make the necessary repairs. However, if the roller shutter falls during the process then it can cause very serious injury indeed. Because of this we recommend you to contact us and hire a trained professional for repairing.

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Discover the Best Benefits Your Outdoor Blinds



Filtered light is available at comfortable levels by partially opening the shutter and lowering a blind when it gets a bit too warm



Blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, 3.5 meters tall and can be left at any height you want by just letting the blind go.



Made from the finest quality that protects you from high winds, heavy rain, fallen branches from trees and severe storms.



Transform your home, office or any of your preferred living space at an affordable price with the Best Quality blinds.



Aesthetic Purposes

Variety of colors makes you choosy over giving out an aesthetic look according to your house furniture and painted walls.


Best Fabrics

Our Blinds are extremely solid and enduring. As an Australian invented and manufactured product, our blinds have been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.

Caring For Your Outdoor Blinds

Maintenance is the only key to a clean and enduring Blind.


They require minimal maintenance and it’s quite effortless. Simply, close the shutters and clean them with a damp cloth. It’s preferable to swipe from top to bottom. For best results, do this once in every two weeks to avoid permanent stains.


Avoid using liquid cleaners and water directly. If such a situation arises where cleaners are required, use them in minute quantity and in diluted form. This would protect the surface of the shutter from damaging and losing its original outlook.

After Installation

Shutters are stacked up and transported separately for safety and protection of the product. It is advisable to consult our experienced professionals or contact us, for set up related queries. After installation, the shutters are ready to use and no further procedure is required.

The Mechanism of Louvre Shutters

The crank handle in these blinds make them easy to operate. The height of these blinds can be adjusted according to one’s desire and requirements with the help of handle. There is also an optional roller joiner in these blinds that makes it simple for you to adjust the four blinds together. The blinds have set up instructions manual with them, in case you feel confused about how to operate them but our team will have these set up for you.

The blinds are manufactured using coated fabric which makes them quite enduring and robust to resist heat and rain. Crank blinds are a great investment for homes and commercial spaces as these allow you to enjoy outdoors as you like.

We Offer Uncompromised Quality

Outdoor Blinds South West is trustworthy shade solutions provider in Australia that has been improving lives and spaces for residential and commercial clients. We offer locally manufactured products that have been designed to cater to your shade needs during all weathers.
We have a customer centric culture; you can have any product customized just the way you like. Our products are budgetary and we offer free quote and measurements. You have the option to choose the color of your blinds and other shade items according to your inclinations and décor theme.
Our team is here to assist you with product installation; you don’t have to do it yourself as we are here to help. We provide warranty for all the products and services!