Contemporary Shade Solution

Shade sails are laudable for their glam and utility. These are easy to set up and can be used for homes and commercial places to protect the outdoors from blazing sun, rain and other weather conditions. Available in various shapes and made with enduring material these are the contemporary shade solutions that people prefer for being cost effective and trendy. 

You can make a statement with a tasteful shade sail and these provide effective protection from sun and rain. During summers when the scorching sun becomes a nuisance, these sails are a blessing. Outdoor Blinds South West has easy to handle and attractive shade sail options available. Our products are manufactured locally with quality materials. Pick a shade sail that matches your needs, budget and inclinations from our website!

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Have a look at (Shade Sail) protecting you from unpleasant weather,
Insects and giving out a smoothing look to your preferred area.

Gale Dual Shade

Choose the powder coating you like as we offer variety of colors.

Gale - Fabric Brochure Gale - Product Profile

Comshade – Polyfx

Select the desired shadesail colour you want to be surrounded in.

Commercial Dual Shade Video

Offering commercial dual shade options for outdoor playgrounds, school grounds, hospitals, parking lots and office buildings. Check out the video for more details on how we can help you set up dual shades in variety of color combinations.

About Shade Sails

Find out about the most frequently asked questions by customers planning to set Outdoor Blinds in their homes or offices.

query about Shade Sails


Do shade sails require maintenance?

Very little – Some basic maintenance, like washing it down with a hose and nozzle, is sometimes all it takes to ensure your sail maintains its original look.

Is the shade sail waterproof?

No, but we do offer a 100%-waterproof shade sail. The standard shade cloth is porous, so rainfall will filter thru. The amount of resistance to rainfall will be determined by the pitch of the shade sail and the amount and type of rainfall. If it is a light drizzle, the area under the sail could be protected for a good hour or so. If you have a twin sail system, and the sails overlap, the area under the overlap provides more rain protection.

Do I need building plans to erect a shade sail?

No, as shade sails are only ‘temporary structures’, i.e. they can be put up, and taken down, no building plans are required.

. Where is the best location for my sail according to the sun?

As the seasons progress the sun moves from low in the sky during the cooler months, to higher in the sky during summer. Your structure should be planned to provide maximum shade protection during the height of summer, or summer solstice, as this is when it will be needed most. Mid-day and late afternoon sun is the hottest and most dangerous, hence shade sail systems should be designed to block this sun as a priority to morning sun.

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Filtered light is available at comfortable levels by partially opening the shutter and lowering a blind when it gets a bit too warm



Blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, 3.5 meters tall and can be left at any height you want by just letting the blind go.



Made from the finest quality that protects you from high winds, heavy rain, fallen branches from trees and severe storms.



Transform your home, office or any of your preferred living space at an affordable price with the Best Quality blinds.



Aesthetic Purposes

Variety of colors makes you choosy over giving out an aesthetic look according to your house furniture and painted walls.


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Our Blinds are extremely solid and enduring. As an Australian invented and manufactured product, our blinds have been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.

Caring For Your Outdoor Blinds

Maintenance is the only key to a clean and enduring Blind.


To apply, lower the blind all the way; evenly apply the spray in the groove between the spline and the track. Do this for the front of the blind only, on both the left and right sides. After lubrication, open and close the blind several times.


Do not use window cleaning detergents to clean the PVC. Clean the blind with Swiftee® outdoor blind cleaner. Never allow bird droppings, dirt or stains to remain on the PVC for long periods of time. 

After Installation

PVC and Sunscreen Mesh blinds have been rolled up for transportation. You may need to leave the blinds down for several days to allow the material to settle.suggest you to contact us and hire a trained professional.

Combining Style with Utility 

Shade sails are undoubtedly a product that combines style with efficiency and affordability. Available in triangle, rectangle and square shapes, you can choose a shade sail in your preferred color to make your home or commercial space tasteful and comfy. The shade sails are commendable for their ability to block UV light so these can ideally be put up at places that are prone to blazing sunlight and heat during summers. 

Cafes and other commercial areas can make the most of these sails for enhancing the appeal of their spaces and cooling them off in afternoons and mornings when ultra violet rays can be damaging for people, plants and inanimate objects. The sails can last for up to 5-10 years. 

We Deal in Quality Products 

Outdoor Blinds South West is one of the most dependable shade solutions providers in Australia. We have been serving to the needs of our residential and commercial clients by being persistent with quality, distinctiveness, enthusiasm to provide the best and offering competitive prices. 

From free quote to measurements, assisting a customer in making choice for a product and setting it up, we offer comprehensive support. Our products are manufactured locally and we take pride in selling Australian made items to our clients.

We can have a product customized according to your needs and liking. Tell us what kind of shade product you require and we will have it made just the way you like. We offer quality guarantee for purchased and installed items.