How to Pick the Best Kind of Outdoor Shade or Blinds for Your Patio?

Outdoor Shade or Blinds for Your Patio

If you live in the SouthWest or near it and have a patio, the chances are you can’t spend too much time there during hot summer days. However, there are ways you can get shade and privacy and enjoy the outdoor space all year round. The best and easiest way to get shade for your patio is by installing outdoor shade or blinds to create temporary walls around your patio.

At Outdoor Blinds Southwest we have different types of patio shade options that you can choose from, and in this article, we will help you pick the right kind of outdoor shades for your patio, so read on.

What Shade Options are Available at Outdoor Blinds Southwest?

At Outdoor Blinds Southwest, you can find different kinds of outdoor blinds that can be used to create shade and privacy for your patio; these outdoor blinds allow you to get shade and privacy without building permanent walls.

Since you can deploy the blinds when you need them and can retract them at any time, they don’t affect the appearance of your patio. With that being said, here are some patio shade options you can buy at Outdoor Blinds Southwest.

Outdoor roller shades: Outdoor roller shades as the name suggests have a roller at the top, and the shades are rolled onto it until you roll them down. For patio and similar outdoor spaces, we recommend low opacity blind material because your deck gets a lot of sunlight.

Not to mention you will need some privacy the thick mesh design of outdoor roller shades provides that. However, there are different levels of opacity that you can choose from when buying roller blinds from us, depending upon your privacy needs. Outdoor roller blinds are also fairly simple to operate, which means you can quickly roll them up and down using the cord.

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds: If you are really serious about closing off your patio from the outside elements and not just the sun, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are your best bet. You can seal off your deck by installing Ziptrak® blinds because Ziptrak® blinds move up and down along specially designed tracks, leaving no room for outside elements to get into your patio.

If insects are a problem for you and your family when spending time outside, then Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are the solution. The tight seal that Ziptrak® blinds form keeps the bugs out while insulating your patio from the heat, making them the best kind of outdoor patio shades.

You can also buy Ziptrak® outdoor blinds in a motorized variant which makes the operation even more effortless. However, if you are simply looking for practicality, manual Ziptrak® blinds are also a great option since they don’t require a lot of force to move up and down.

If you live in the Southwest, you have probably seen outdoor blinds installed at various properties. Not only do they offer shade and privacy, but they are also a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. So if you are looking to install outdoor blinds at your residence simply call us at 08 63192551.

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