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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on your products?

We offer a 5year warranty on all our products. Our products should last a lot longer than 5 years and still be in very good condition if maintained well.

Can you provide the best quality outdoor blinds and outdoor products?

Yes we can. We have a wide range of product options to choose from but we only choose the best quality products, fixings and team to install them that we can get. We choose quality over price.

Do you have a showroom?

No, not at this stage – we find it much better to meet the customer on site so we can easily explain how the product will work and look for your situation. We have ‘on the road’ sales team that covers nearly all of WA. They have all the samples and information needed and are happy to meet you on site to explain everything before providing you with the quote. We have multiple customers in you’re area that would be happy to show you there installations also.

What are the options for fabrics and powder coating?

We offer a wide range of fabrics and powder coating. Check out our fabric and powder coating charts.

Do the motorised products cause more problems?

No – we have no problems with our motorized products.

Do you need council approval? Do you organise council approval / application?

Some of our products will require council approval and we can arrange this for you.

Can we install your products in coastal locations? Will your products rust?

Our products and fixings are installed in coastal locations often – we only use quality materials and fixings that will not rust or perish.

Can your products be controlled via remote, smart wiring or voice control ie alexa or google?

Yes, most of our motorized products come with a wireless remote as standard. There is also the option for smart wiring, app control or even by purchasing a separate box these can be voice controlled.

Can you organised the electrician?

Yes – usually our quotes include all costs. We have a electrician that is experienced and specialists in power connections for our outdoor products, he will work in well with the installers and can even provide pricing for other general electrical work you need around the property.

Do you also do indoor blinds or any indoor products?

Ummm….   We specialize and focus on outdoor products. We do however make an exception for indoor louvre shutters / plantation shutters.

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