Caring for Outdoor Awnings (A guide by Outdoor Blinds Southwest)

Retractable awnings are ideal for commercial and residential buildings as they provide the perfect shade solution to cover the entrances of properties. Not to mention awnings can last a long time if you provide proper care for them. Since awnings are commonly installed for commercial buildings and stores, it is essential to keep them looking great. At outdoor blinds southwest, we often get calls from customers who have bought awnings from us asking about the proper ways to maintain them. So to help anyone who might be looking for tips to keep awnings, we have created this helpful guide, so read on.

How to make your outdoor awning shades last longer?

You can do some simple things apart from cleaning and maintenance to make your outdoor awning shades last longer. Here are some tips for increasing the useful life of your awnings:

  • Retract your awnings when the weather gets too severe as strong winds can damage your awnings
  • Make sure to let the awnings dry completely after light rain before retracting them to avoid mildew.
  • Avoid forcing the arms of the awnings to open further since some are designed to have their arms slightly bent even when the canopy is fully extended
  • Make sure you don’t forcefully crank the manual retracting awnings when retracting or extending them. Allow the awnings to open or close at the speed they are designed to

Items needed to clean your awnings

Since awnings are complex to remove, we don’t recommend you to remove them to clean them. So instead, you will have to clean them while they are fitted on the wall. Some items you may need to clean your awnings are:

  • A ladder if the awning is fitted too high to reach using a stool
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • Water hose
  • Dishwashing soap
  • A bucket

How to clean the awnings without taking them off?

When you have the items mentioned above ready, you will realize that awnings can be cleaned using household items you have lying around at your home. Awnings are the easiest to clean out of all the outdoor blinds and other shade options we have for sale. To clean an awning, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Removing any loose dirt: Reach the top of the awning using a stool or ladder and remove any loose dirt using a brush

Step 2 Dampen the awning fabric: Using the water hose, dampen the awning. Make sure you have the hose set at low pressure.

Step 3 Scrub the surfaces: Mix the detergent and water in a bucket and use the brush by dipping it into the soapy water and scrubbing the fabric and the structure of the awnings.

Step 4 Remove the soap: After letting the soapy water soap in the fabric for some time, wash away the soapy water and let the awning dry before retracting it.

We have a complete range of outdoor shade options, including awnings, sun sails, outdoor roller blinds, pergolas, and more. So get in touch with us for all your outdoor shade needs.

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