4 Benefits of Using Retractable Pergolas as Outdoor Blinds


Retractable Pergolas are the new architectural marvel in the world of outdoor blinds that has a lot more going for it than what meets the eye. Their sturdy construction allows them to withstand violent winds and provide cooling in the summer season. They protect you from snow in the winter as well and the awning mechanism is fully automated with just the press of a button. Add a strip of mood lighting under the blinds and you have yourself the most aesthetic looking patio ever!

Get your blinds from a reliable company with years of experience in the field like Outdoor Blinds Southwest and you won’t have to worry about looks, durability and longevity.

With that said, let’s start!

4 Advantage of Using Retractable Pergolas for Outdoor Blinds:

Outdoor patio blinds are a must-have if you value aesthetics in your home. Not only do they increase the value of your residence but also add an element of functionality to it. We recommend investing in quality blinds to give your house an exciting makeover!

Protect You and Your Home:

Retractable roof blinds like the pergolas protect you and your furniture. The harmful UV rays of the sun can damage any movables that are put under them. They also cause skin ailments like skin cancer which can turn fatal. Pergolas have a strong core made out of metal or fiberglass, and covered with fabric that absorbs radiation thereby preventing it from reaching you.

They’re also energy efficient and can save you money on electricity bills.

Electrical Efficiency:

Pergolas are built to keep the environment cool. So in hot summers, you no longer have to keep the air conditioner running to compensate for the heat outside. The pergolas can do a good job of keeping it cool. Their open flow design allows cool breeze to enter and pass through, making your outdoor sitting sessions peaceful and relaxing.

Not only this but they provide good protection from snow in the winters as well. You no longer have to clean the patio every time you want to sit under it as the snow is blocked by the blinds. When you want the house to be warm, you can retract the pergolas and let sunlight in.

Aesthetic value:

Retractable pergolas add a futuristic element to the looks of your house with their automated design. But the looks don’t end here as you can add a light strip underneath with the color of your choice and truly make it your own. Whether you like to vibe alone with music or have a bunch of friends over, pergola blinds are right for every occasion. They add to the overall value of your house.

Recreational Value and Enhancing Your Time at Home:

You can do a lot with outdoor space and pergolas are the perfect blind to cover it. Think of an outdoor kitchen where you can have cookouts with family and friends, or an outdoor pool party where you don’t have to worry about bird droppings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with pergola blinds. Flex your recreational muscle and come up with unique ideas! Quality time at home is a time well spent and that is exactly what pergola blinds give you.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using retractable pergola outdoor blinds. Getting yours from a trustworthy supplier like Outdoor Blinds Southwest can be the cherry on top of the cake. Add a little magic to your house!

For further information, visit the FAQs section below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do pergolas actually provide shade?

Yes. As a matter of fact, they provide better shade than other blinds since they are retractable and are built well. The fabric absorbs harmful rays of the sun and protects you from skin diseases.

Are pergola blinds waterproof?

Yes. Pergola blinds are water resistant and have no trouble keeping you dry in rainy weather. They also protect you from other elements of weather like harsh sunlight.

How high should my pergola be?

Ideally, your pergola blind height should be no less than 7 feet and 6 inches. However, the recommended height is 8 to 10 feet for comfortable headroom.

How to clean pergola blinds?

Pergola blinds don’t require a lot of maintenance when it comes to cleaning them. Try wiping the loose dirt off using a dry cloth. Then make a soft solution of soap and water and wipe all the hard-to-get stains away. That’s all you need to do. However, for mechanical maintenance, you should have the retraction feature checked every now and then.