Tasteful Awnings for Homes and Commercial Areas

These awnings are used for homes and commercial areas. They are easy to operate, contemporarily modish and quite cost effective. These utilize latest technology for operation. The awnings offer maximum privacy and good coverage against heat, UV rays and cold. These awnings are available in various colors and add an elegant appeal to the space. 

These have cover shell which makes them quite elegant and attractive. Made from finest quality material, these are long lasting and provide protection to the space against exposure to sun and other weather conditions. Outdoor Blinds South West utilizes cutting edge technology and premium materials in manufacturing shade products. We have a unique collection of awnings to match your taste and needs. Check out our product images to know more!

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Have a look at (Kompact) protecting you from unpleasant weather,
Insects and giving out a smoothing look to your preferred area.

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Choose the powder coating you like as we offer variety of colors.

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About Kompact

Find out about the most frequently asked questions by customers planning to set Outdoor Blinds in their homes or offices.

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Are these Kompact Shutters secure?

Yes. As compared to competitors, we use mortice and tenon joints which make them a lot more secure than others.

Are all fixing screws hidden?

Our shutters have a very clean look with the fixing screws hidden.

How do I measure my window?

We strongly recommend that you use our in house team of experts to measure your shutters due to the fact that shutters can be remarkably unforgiving if measured wrongly and once an order is placed, it cannot be changed. However, we have created a quick guide to help you with it.

Exterior Blinds + Awnings Fabrics

Large number of Fabrics for exterior blinds & awnings

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Discover the Best Benefits Your Outdoor Blinds



Filtered light is available at comfortable levels by partially opening the shutter and lowering a blind when it gets a bit too warm



Blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, 3.5 meters tall and can be left at any height you want by just letting the blind go.



Made from the finest quality that protects you from high winds, heavy rain, fallen branches from trees and severe storms.



Transform your home, office or any of your preferred living space at an affordable price with the Best Quality blinds.



Aesthetic Purposes

Variety of colors makes you choosy over giving out an aesthetic look according to your house furniture and painted walls.


Best Fabrics

Our Blinds are extremely solid and enduring. As an Australian invented and manufactured product, our blinds have been engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.


We endeavor to add value and comfort to our customers’ lives. Dedication to innovation, quality and client satisfaction is what we stand for. Have a look at what people are opining about your expertise and shade solutions.

Caring For Your Outdoor Blinds

Maintenance is the only key to a clean and enduring Blind.


To apply, lower the blind all the way; evenly apply the spray in the groove between the spline and the track. Do this for the front of the blind only, on both the left and right sides. After lubrication, open and close the blind several times.


Do not use window cleaning detergents to clean the PVC. Clean the blind with Swiftee® outdoor blind cleaner. Never allow bird droppings, dirt or stains to remain on the PVC for long periods of time. 

After Installation

PVC and Sunscreen Mesh blinds have been rolled up for transportation. You may need to leave the blinds down for several days to allow the material to settle.suggest you to contact us and hire a trained professional.

How these Awnings Work?

Made of acrylic, sunscreen mesh or polyester canvas, these awnings can operate through motor or manually. They have a sensor in them which makes them susceptible to changing weather conditions and hence they get adjusted to provide maximum coverage and protection from sun, heat, rain and winds. 

Made of high grade extruded aluminum, this awning is likely to last for years. With powder coated finish, these are not going to get corroded or worn out. These have timers and remote control so you can adjust them with just a tap as you like. You can have these awnings at places that are most exposed to the sunlight and other weather conditions, these are laudable for regulating temperature along with adding captivating appeal to the space. 

Relying on our Customized Shade Solutions 

We are a customized shade solutions provider in Australia with years of experience, expertise and a track record of happy and contented residential and commercial clients. Our shade products are Australian made and we take pride in empowering our local work force and market. 

Whether you are looking for outdoor blinds, shutters or awnings, we have a wide range of products available. We offer free price quote and measurements. Our customer service team is available to answer your questions related to the products and services. We offer full-fledged support from customizing a product to getting it set up for you. Feel free to reach out to us through online chat, email or call. We respond to product queries in real time.