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Here are some electrical zip track blinds that you can install on your property

Install Electrical Zip Track Blinds

Having an outdoor blind that can be operated electrically is a blessing that several people cannot understand until and unless they get these blinds installed on the property by themselves. That is something which only those people who love to sit outdoors will be able to understand. Sitting in your outdoor space and chilling all […]

4 Benefits of Using Retractable Pergolas as Outdoor Blinds


Retractable Pergolas are the new architectural marvel in the world of outdoor blinds that has a lot more going for it than what meets the eye. Their sturdy construction allows them to withstand violent winds and provide cooling in the summer season. They protect you from snow in the winter as well and the awning […]

4 Advantages of Using Awnings As Your Outdoor Blinds


An awning is a covering attached to the exterior wall of your home that extends out into the air allowing you to sit under its shade. These outdoor blinds have both structural and functional significance to them. They look aesthetically pleasing and give a classic look to your home. Awnings have a folding feature that […]

Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Awnings? A Guide by Outdoor Blinds South West

Awnings are durable, and they are made with specialized fabric to withstand and resist Australia’s environment. Especially when bought from a reputed company such as us at Outdoor Blinds Southwest, you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. However, just like any other temporary shade structure, awnings must be replaced with new ones […]

How to prepare for an awning installation? (Also applies to outdoor shade blinds)

Outdoor Shade Blinds

If you have decided on getting awnings installed, you have made an intelligent decision, as this durable shade option will make your summers more enjoyable for years to come. While buying high-quality awnings is essential, it is equally important to get them installed properly. Our expert installation team at Outdoor Blinds Southwest is equipped with […]

How to Properly Care for Your Sun Sails? A Guide by Outdoor Blinds Southwest

Sun Sails are a stylish and practical outdoor shade option, and it is one of the most durable outdoor shade options available in the Southwest. Since sun sails come in different designs and styles, it is evident that homeowners install them for aesthetic purposes and for the shade they provide. At Outdoor Blinds Southwest, we […]

Caring for Outdoor Awnings (A guide by Outdoor Blinds Southwest)

Retractable awnings are ideal for commercial and residential buildings as they provide the perfect shade solution to cover the entrances of properties. Not to mention awnings can last a long time if you provide proper care for them. Since awnings are commonly installed for commercial buildings and stores, it is essential to keep them looking […]